Setting password

Setting a password allows you to change the password using CAS authentication. After logging in, it allows you to enter a new password for e-mail without entering the old one.

Password reset

If the password has been forgotten to reset it. The system will send the address of the page on which you place your new password.

With the reset password page for entering the password is available only for a limited time and can only be used once.

Requirements for passwords

Number of characters in passwords: minimum 12 maximum 32

Large unique letters (A..Z) at least: 1

Small unique letters (a..z) at least: 1

Unique digits at least: 1

Special characters at least: 1

Special characters allowed: !#$%^&*()+=-_.<>:;

Checking password

The new password is checked if it was not already in use 12 passwords back in the last 365 days. days